Let’s talk about your dreams!

We dream more than we do any other single thing (with the exception of seeing and hearing and smelling and breathing). We spend nearly one third of our lives doing it. It makes little sense to know that a third of who we are is devoted to something and yet, believe that thing is unimportant. It is also strange to let such a large portion of your life go by without taking an interest in it.

This site is about encouraging people to take an interest in their dreams. To inspire them to connect to a significant part of themselves. Here’s how it works: if you have a dream that you’d like to understand, e-mail it to me (click the little guy at the bottom of the page), or use the form under the Send Me Your Dreams menu, and I will interpret it. What I do does not involve books or dream symbol dictionaries or psychology or spirits or spells. I simply understand dreams the way that some people understand poetry or other people understand how computers work just by looking at them (if you’d like a clearer idea of what dream interpretation from me is like, please see the Sample Interpretations section of the site).

I will not be charging for this service. This is a gift from me to the world (those of you who wish to offer donations may, but I’m not asking for them). Send me as many dreams as you’d like (one at a time, unless you feel that a number of dreams are related). Let me know if they happen to be recurring.  I don’t need to know anything more about you (though you are welcome to share with me anything that you think is pertinent).

And that’s it. The only thing left to say is this: be brave in your dreams!